JULIE KLEOM is an author's brand from Kyiv by Julie Kleom, founded in 2022, combines craft and futuristic, finding the middle ground in niche mono products.


‘Hello! My name is Julie Kleom. I’m an artist, jewelry designer from Ukraine. I work at the intersection of contemporary art and jewelry design. Now I stay and work in Kyiv, Ukraine. And I create jewelry art objects in the topic of the ongoing war. In 2022, I participated in many professional exhibitions in Europe: GemGeneve with Strong and Precious in Switzerland, Milano Fashion Week, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Romanian Jewelry Week, and I made a personal Contemporary Jewelry exhibition in The Naked Room Gallery  in Kyiv, Ukraine. JULIE KLEOM jewelry earrings were in the Vogue Ukraine jewelry horoscope 2023, Vogue Italy and in the NYC Jewelry Week. Like an artist I‘m interested in 2 creative themes: Protection, and call for peace! I work with projects at the intersection of contemporary and jewelry arts, exploring and embodying the visual code of the cultural heritage of my country.  And I also reveal the importance of women in the world and creativity, actively reveal the theme of war and the way out of the crisis of our civilization".  -  Julie Kleom