Julie Kleom
Jewelry Art project "Soil. Woman. Form." made by two artists who were during the bombings on the territory of Ukraine, so we are talking about living the war in the language of the art of two women.
The first part of the collection was made by Julie Kleom:
"I took Artemivska salt, the town of the producer, which is now destroyed, and molded the forms from which the prints were removed and metal ornaments were cast.
The symbolic image of the woman and other forms resemble artifacts that are thrown out of the salty sea, like today many Ukrainians were thrown out of their native land. Ukrainian salt became a metaphor and the basis of this collection." - Julie.
The second part of the collection from Maria Gorgon:
"My porcelain jewelry is a reinterpretation of ancient Ukrainian sculptures and forms. They are like a symbol of strength and indomitability and fragility at the same time."